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Attempting to shutdown Impersonation of me,
Len Andersen, Engineer

Seeking Legal Services Not Aware of My 11 patents in agreements!

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Please contact me at
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I have eleven patents, which had me mentioned for more than 30 years as associated with extreme wealth. Note resume indicating a hard to impersonate background including stockbroker qualification, BSChE engineering degree, and certified welding inspector CWI  AWS qualification. My experience in that industry allowed me to work with structural steel applications. Additionally, work in marine construction has given me diving management experience. However, I have dealt with real offline and online impersonation in the forms of:

  • Forgery of Signature
  • Email Answering Without My Knowledge or Permission
  • Impersonation of Me on the Telephone
  • Impersonation With One Walking and Talking

The purpose of this site is to stop ongoing impersonation of Len Andersen.

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The basis for impersonation patents - politics

The power generation technology heard savings of 25% in electrical generation mechanical energy output. This invention (three patents) should reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 25% with additional emission reduction. This is due to a shorter distance from electrical generation to electrical consumption.

There is a real threat of having this invention in the hands of a fraud who is acting as me and could steal, or discredit me by acting absurdly through emails, etc.. They could contact the wrong people for investments, and I don't want anyone to deal with these hardships. The aspect of my latest patent application is control of particular matter (PM) 2.5 and 10 on smokestacks that impacts people dying of pollution. 

I have done political writing published in the largest newspapers and have been on TV as a journalist at World Petroleum Congress (WPC, in Houston, September 7, 2021. I have met and worked with world-class public officeholders. I was offered a job at the White House/Executive branch US Gov!

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